Matt Nyren
President and Chief Executive Officer

Matt Nyren is the president and chief executive officer of Ubiquity Global Services. Matt founded Ubiquity in 2012 and served as its president during the company’s first four years of expansion before assuming CEO responsibilities in January 2017. Matt has more than 25 years of senior leadership experience in the contact center and business process outsourcing space. Before starting Ubiquity, he was the senior vice president for managed services at TxVia, a pioneering emerging payments technology company that was acquired by Google in 2012. At TxVia, Matt led a multinational team to deliver cutting-edge customer service solutions for many of the leading companies in the emerging payments industry. Previously, Matt established and successfully expanded leading contact center delivery solutions in the United States, Europe, Latin America, India and the Philippines.

Cheryl Slipski
Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Cheryl Slipski is Ubiquity’s executive vice president and general counsel. Cheryl is responsible for all aspects of the company’s legal affairs worldwide, and also leads Ubiquity’s risk management services business unit. Cheryl has more than a decade of experience in financial services, and has broad expertise in the legal, regulatory and compliance aspects of the payments industry. Prior to joining Ubiquity, Cheryl worked for Google and served in the business development division of the company’s payments organization. Previously, she was executive vice president and general counsel of TxVia, a payments technology company acquired by Google in early 2012. Cheryl was a partner in the private practice of law before going in-house with TxVia, with the law firm of Woodcock, Washburn. Cheryl is an active participant in industry organizations and events, and a frequent speaker on emerging payments.

Sagar Rajgopal
Senior Vice President, Global Operations

Sagar Rajgopal

Sagar Rajgopal manages worldwide operations for Ubiquity. Sagar has years of diverse experience in the business process outsourcing space with deep credentials in corporate planning, talent retention and employee development. Upon earning his MBA from the Asian Institute of Management in 2004, Sagar was hired to lead the workforce management operation for Ambergris Solutions. Sagar subsequently served in a variety of corporate strategy and global operations roles for TELUS International, helping to grow the business to more than 10,000 employees in the Philippines and the Americas. Sagar joined TxVia in 2011 and directed contact center operations in the United States and Latin America.

Franz Schwarzinger
Senior Vice President, Technology

Franz Schwarzinger

Franz Schwarzinger is Ubiquity’s senior vice president of technology. As the head of the company’s global technology and infrastructure department, Franz has built a robust global cloud-based telephony network, developed innovative approaches to core contact center technologies and greatly enhanced the user interface for both Ubiquity’s customers and call center operations. Before joining Ubiquity, Franz led the managed services division of emerging payments processor TxVia’s technology department, a company acquired by Google. Previously, he served as system architect and lead developer for Amsterdam-based RIPE NCC, Europe’s leading Internet registration and coordination agency.

Corey Besaw
Senior Vice President, Innovation

Corey Besaw is the senior vice president of innovation for Ubiquity Global Services where he is responsible for leading the development of new products and services for Ubiquity’s customers. Corey brings more than 10 years of business process outsourcing (BPO) and product leadership experience to the company and has helped launch and expand contact center operations in the United States, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Before joining Ubiquity, Corey led product development for payment processor TxVia’s managed services division. There, he achieved considerable success developing groundbreaking solutions in customer relationship management (CRM) and business analytics. Previously, Corey was an associate director at Total Systems (TSYS) and an analyst for APAC Customer Services.

Ron Fetzer
Vice President, Finance

Ron Fetzer is vice president of finance for Ubiquity Global Services. Ron is responsible for managing the financial operations of the company including accounting and financial reporting, finance operations, tax, treasury, investor relations and strategic financial planning. Ron is a seasoned accounting executive with more than 25 years diversified public and private accounting and managerial experience including accounting, finance, treasury, taxation, human resources and operations. Before joining Ubiquity, Ron was a financial advisor and interim CFO for several publicly held and private companies. This experience includes helping lead the sale of TxVia to Google. Previously, Ron served as chief financial officer for Bill Blass, Ltd., and in various financial management and reporting roles at other companies. Ron is a Certified Public Accountant.

Jennifer Garde
Senior Director, Client Solutions

Jennifer Garde

Jennifer Garde serves as senior director of client solutions for Ubiquity Global Services where she is responsible for ensuring all client business objectives are fully achieved. She has more than 10 years experience in the contact center management space, with a specialization in new program implementation, client services and contact center vendor management. Before joining Ubiquity, Jennifer managed multiple client accounts for Total Systems (TSYS), including the company’s Canadian managed services portfolio.

Amy Pugh
Associate General Counsel

Amy Pugh is Ubiquity’s associate general counsel and chief compliance officer. In her role, Amy provides legal advice to Ubiquity’s executive team and leads all compliance efforts for the organization. She has more than 10 years experience in FinTech with a specialization in the legal, regulatory and compliance aspects of the payments space, and has supported multiple prepaid, debit, payroll and credit product solutions. Prior to joining Ubiquity, Amy served as Unirush LLC’s chief compliance officer and counsel and accumulated additional experience in a similar capacity with Fifth Third Bank. Amy has been a speaker on regulatory compliance in the prepaid space and remains an active participant in industry organizations and events.

Todd Brophy
Head of Security

Todd Brophy serves as Ubiquity’s head of security. Todd brings nearly 30 years of international technology, risk mitigation and corporate security experience to the company. Prior to joining Ubiquity, Todd managed operations for Toronto Dominion Bank’s technology risk management governance group. He had also held senior positions with leading business process outsourcing companies, including information security directorships with TELUS International and TeleTech. Todd leads all security operations and administration for Ubiquity, including technology design, program implementation, systems support and case investigations.