Ubiquity is not your typical call center vendor

In many service environments, providers are simply focused on preventing customer attrition. While this is important, we believe in the power of growing long-term relationships and creating authentic brand advocacy by delivering truly exceptional experiences and significantly reducing customer attrition rates as a matter of course.

The Ubiquity team works collaboratively with our clients to provide:

Strategic analysis of call types
Enabling the progressive automation of certain calls while focusing human resources on calls that drive value for all stakeholders.

Process engineering and customer experience analytics
Ensuring every opportunity to provide exceptional experiences is fully maximized.

Continuous improvement of processes
Achieved by linking customer satisfaction and experience perception to specific processes and call types.

Detailed issue analysis
Provided when a case is not resolved to satisfaction the first time or takes many contacts to resolve. This level of focus and analysis is unparalleled in the industry, and allows our customers to enjoy improved customer retention and satisfaction rates.