A well-designed Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is an important part of the customer experience.

Many customers prefer to use an IVR for certain types of transactions, however it is important that usability is accounted for. Ubiquity has a team specialized in usability design, as well as our own team of application developers. This close collaboration has a track record of success, having improved IVR call completion rates and end-to-end customer experience.

We provide the following to our clients:

Our application design team is closely integrated with our contact center operations group, ensuring that customer feedback relating to the IVR is factored in to the design process.

We’ve been able to significantly enhance the IVR call completion and user satisfaction rates for several of our clients through our experience and integrated approach.

Complete Solutions
Our solutions go beyond design, development and hosting. Ubiquity’s clients enjoy continuous performance improvements through our unique analytics process. We also perform user testing and perception gathering, ensuring that our designs always remain connected to the needs of the customer.

Robust Platform
Ubiquity operates a state of the art IVR platform. Operated in a high- availability configuration in two data centers, we utilize the Avaya Experience Portal and Loquendo to provide a rich customer experience. Our Text-to-Speech solutions are notable for the exceptional quality of results and the use of a very natural voice. Our systems comply with PCI-DSS and HIPAA standards for data handling and security.