Our specialized financial services risk mitigation division helps manage the ever-growing complexity of loss prevention and compliance.

Ubiquity provides innovative compliance solutions for the payments and financial services sectors, including manual identity verification (IDV), OFAC reviews, fraud mitigation and a disputes & chargebacks solution that is truly unique in the industry.

Disputes and Chargebacks
A specialized phone support team, working together with a core team of true subject matter experts, focus on applying Regulation E guidelines in a fully compliant manner, while simultaneously working to reduce provisional credit losses by properly identifying cases that do not require the application of Reg E.

Fraud Mitigation
Our fraud analysts are passionate about identifying and stopping fraudulent activity. Our experts provide timely reviews and assessment of potentially fraudulent accounts and transactions, and also works directly with clients to develop holistic strategies to reduce fraud while reducing the customer friction caused by the application of indiscriminate fraud prevention methodologies.

Ubiquity has a highly trained team of analysts providing manual reviews in connection with various KYC or “know your customer” obligations.