Constantly seeking to do things differently and better.

From our custom-built software to our extraordinarily transparent culture, innovation is in our DNA.

Rapid course-correction
with our InTouch app

Ubiquity’s managers aren’t tethered to their desks, they’re constantly engaged with their teams. Receiving customer feedback in real-time allows our managers to rapidly address issues, coach agents and track performance against your business goals.

Your brand managed
in one place

Our agents are an extension of your brand, and InTouch’s real-time knowledge base and goal-driven features help them provide the best customer services possible.

Ubiquity’s Amsterdam Innovation Lab

We test and implement the future of Artificial Intelligence, predictive IVR and other innovations in Ubiquity’s innovation lab.

  • AI to make human agents even better.

    We're building proprietary artificial intelligence to be both the personal assistant and coach for our agents. During a live interaction, our agents receive advice and recommendations based on predictive methods to respond to customers faster.

  • Smarter, more predictive IVR.

    We've built smarter, more intuitive interactive voice response applications that use contextual information to better react and adapt to calling customers.